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    Steven Alig

    I found a bread that has no vinegar but it listed brown sugar in the ingredients. Can I eat this on the Hoxsey diet?

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    No sugars except raw. Bread is a hard one. We have had to start making it.

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    Steven Alig

    I found a bread that is sprouted wheat and grains which is acceptable on the diet. Doesn’t taste bad either. I will take a photo and post it later.

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    We eat ezickeal bread, sprouted-just as with everything in moderation. Would like to see the picture of the bread you found Steven.

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    Steven Alig

    I think it may have been Ezickeal bread as well. They have many different types. I will see if I can find what I have when I get home, and post a photo.

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    Best thing to do is buy a T-Fal bread maker from Amazon for $100.  It is not teflon and makes wheat bread.  The recipe calls for sugar, I used honey.  Also calls for 1 cup wheat flour and one cup bread flour.  I used 2 cups of wheat flour.  This is my third loaf and tastes great.

    I also made my own organic strawberry jam, using honey instead of sugar using the bread maker.

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      Steven Alig

      Did the honey not cause any issues with your bread?

      I tried to make muffins once using raw sugar, agave syrup and wheat flour, it did not work and the muffins were dry would not hold together. they just crumbled because the sugar never really mixed with the batter. I assume the honey just works better?

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    This is the recipe that I used for the T-Fal Bread maker:

    T-Fal Whole Wheat Bread:  1 pound

    Water         1 cup
    Olive Oil    2 tablespoons
    Sea Salt      1 tsp
    Honey        3 tablespoons
    Whole Wheat Flour     2 cups
    Bread machine yeast   1 tsp

    Program 5,     weight = 1 pound,    browning level = light

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