What is the Hoxsey Diet?

The Hoxsey Diet is a specialized diet that is prescribed along with treatment from the Hoxsey Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Many patients seeking alternative treatments to specific disease, especially cancer, are prescribed the Hoxsey Tonic along with a specific diet to help strengthen the immune system and ensure that the tonic is absorbed and best utilized by the body. Read more about the history of Harry Hoxsey and the Bio-Medical center here.

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  • 02-24-2019 by Abby

    I've always used non-aluminum baking powder.  I heard somewhere that baking powder containing cream of tartar isn't alkaline.  Is this

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  • Where is everyone?

    08-23-2018 by Michael Hamlin

    I thought this forum would be more active, given all the people going through the Bio-Medical Clinic. I just started the protocol in July 2018 and am looking for tips on the diet, etc. I have lost 18 lbs. since I started so, I must be doing

    in Getting Started on the Hoxsey Diet
  • Hoxsey 6 Month Supply

    03-22-2018 by JesseS

    I have a 6 months supply of Hoxsey Tonic and all the other herbal components that the Biomedical Clinic recommended for me. This also includes a 6 months supply of . I have Stage 4 Colon Cancer, and this formula that the Biomedical center has has

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  • 03-12-2018 by Fifi

    16g sugar too

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  • 03-18-2017 by Steven Alig

    How is your husband? Has he gotten any better with the

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