Where to stay

When visiting the Bio medical center in Tijuana Mexico you have many options of where to stay.

This page will post the most common hotels and scenarios so that you can get a better idea of what you are getting into when you go to visit. I have only been to to one hotel so that is what I will start with, but hopefully other people will add and we can make this an all inclusive list describing the hotels, shuttle services, transportation, restaurants, activities and costs.

United States

Best Western Americana Inn

Best Western Americana InnThe Best Western Americana Inn is just a few miles from the border and includes free daily shuttle service (at the time of this writing 3x a day) back and forth to the Biomedical center. Free breakfast is also included, however you have to be selective on the options since not all of them are Hoxsey approved, but if you stick with fruit and some grains you should be ok for breakfast. And your family or friends should have plenty to eat.
While staying in the US, you do have to cross the border every day, the trip in the van can be very enlightening as you get to talk with other patients and share stories. The time coming back into the US at the border, which sometimes can take hours, goes by very quickly as you learn new things from everyone going through similar experiences.

The hotel has a pool and is very accommodating to guest traveling to the clinic. Many times they will actually keep rooms available for patients even when they are fully booked, so make sure you tell them that you are going to visit the Hoxsey Biomedical Center

We would like to add more to this page to make it a full resource for where to stay when visiting the Hoxsey Biomedical Center. Please post your recommendations in our forum or leave us private feedback and we will add it to this page for easy reference.