New updates and features added to the website

sparkler woman

It has been a few weeks since we did a soft launch of the website. During that time we have made some small improvements already. While this is just a side project and one of many. It is difficult to take time out to make the updates that need to happen. Fortunately we were able to complete the following:

  1. Added image upload ability – We looked a few different solutions for this but landed on Inline Image Upload for BBPress. This is a great plugin and we may purchase the pro version in the future if needed. In the meantime, you can add images to your posts so you can show us the food you are eating or the places you go or even your cat photos (support group)
  2. New Forum for Recipes – While we are figuring out the best plugin to use for recipes, we have temporarily just created a separate forum so that people can begin to post recipes. We will transfer these over once the full recipe plugin is activated
  3. New page for hotels and travel info – This seems to be a very important and often neglected topic which many poeple can add to since everyone’s experience at the clinic is different. Find hotel and travel info here and leave feedback that we can add to this page.
  4. Created Social Accounts – We have created a Facebook page and a twitter profile. Not doing much with these yet, but at least we have secured the accounts

To do:

  1. Integrate a better search function – enhance our search to include the blog posts as well as the forum posts so that this will be a fully functional and useful archive for Cancer Support
  2. Add a fully functioning recipe section – so that recipes are easier to display, print, etc…
  3. Interface tweaks to make information more visible and easy to understand – this is a list of items that needs to be done to make the entire experience more user friendly
  4. Setup additional social accounts – I am thinking Instagram and Pinterest may be useful for this, but it is not a priority at the moment.
  5. Post more information about the history of the Bio Medical Clinic and Harry Hoxsey

So this is the quick update of what has been going on. Hopefully I will have time over the next few weeks to knock out a few of these items and get things rolling.