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    I was on the diet about 6 years ago.

    Best thing that I could have done before surgery. If nothing more than getting my physical and mental state in perfect order. But it also helped boost my recovery time by increase my overall immune system. (no scientific evidence to back this up).

    However the diet only allows for proper fuel into your physical body. Which is the best possible thing you can do.

    I will see if I can remember some of my recipes and post here in the future.

    I do recall that I stopped eating out almost entirely (it is very difficult with the restrictions…. and the temptations). And I replaced many many meals with power smoothies and juices (easy to make, follows guidelines of the diet and can taste good)

    If I haven’t already, will post my favorite smoothie recipe shortly but I am always looking for new ideas that follow the guidelines. And if you do add something unallowed, just indicate it in the recipe so that we can choose to leave it out or find an alternative.

    Thanks in advance